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I’m predicting this to be the best book on #AI to be published in 2019. No pressure and Ernie Davis. “Rebooting AI: Building Artificial Intelligence we can Trust”. #TrustworthyAI
Who’s building the engines of misinformation, and why tech alone won’t solve this? “The difference between the two—object recognition and genuine comprehension—matters in the real world.” [email protected], Ernest Davis in Rebooting AI
I really enjoyed reading & Ernest Davis' thoughtful and well-written book "Rebooting AI". If you want to understand how #ArtificialIntelligence and #MachineLearning are going to affect our lives, I can highly recommend it!
‘We are ceding more and more authority to machines that are unreliable, and, worse, lack any comprehension of human values — Enjoy reading ‘Rebooting AI. Building AI we can trust’, by Gary Marcus and Ernest Davis —
need a philosophy course is even more. It took me some time to realize that NLP is a large scale Chinese room experiment. However once I realized it, it helped me to understand the situation described by in 2/3
Now out: Rebooting AI by Gary Marcus, Ernest Davis: Building AI We can Truts.
Can’t wait to read this book! ‘Rebooting AI. Building artificial intelligence we can trust’, by Gary Marcus and Ernest Davis —