I went to Madagascar with Pope Francis and spent the morning with lemurs. On the climate change, deforestation and poverty that are threatening one of the world’s most unique islands.
Pope Francis has made the case against climate change and the earth’s degradation for years. In Africa, he found a backdrop that was fitting if unnerving.
The timing of his visits to Mozambique, which ended Friday, and to the islands of Madagascar and later Mauritius, seemed unsettlingly fitting. In previous weeks the Amazon burned, fires raged in Angola and Congo, and a glacier melted in Iceland.
Some lemurs had white fur, or brown patches, or tails with 28 black-and-white rings. All were endangered by the deforestation and climate change that threaten Madagascar's future. Pope Francis used his first full day here to hammer the same point home.
For Pope Francis, a Perfect Moment for an Unsettling Warning on the Environment