"Ideological bias within the academy is a real problem. It undermines the quality and impact of research and teaching. It needs to be addressed. However, grading is probably not a major way in which the bias is expressed."
Ideological discrimination doesn't much effect undergrads; much more consequential for grad students and professors
"There is compelling evidence that professors and administrators do engage in ideological discrimination with respect to peer review, institutional review boards, admissions to Ph.D. programs, and faculty hiring and promotion. So what’s up with grading?"
Ideological Discrimination in Academia Is More Complicated than You Think via Musa Al-Gharbi
Another great piece from . Ideological bias is a big problem in academia but it typically doesn't impact undergraduate grades. The real problem is when faculty are recruiting and working with grad students and other faculty.
“conservative & religious scholars should commit themselves to being part of the solution, to staying in [academia], & to playing a constructive role in reforming institutions of higher learning. We’ll all be better off for it.”
"...If these students did decide to pursue a degree after their bachelor’s, they likely would face more discrimination in admissions, on the job market, in tenure committees, and when submitting research for IRB approval or peer review."—
I confess to being a little bit frustrated with this piece by ⁦⁩. After describing how the latest research shows partisanship has little-to-no effect on how profs grade, he attributes this happy finding to...laziness.