Elizabeth Warren is endorsing Justice Democrats candidate Jessica Cisneros in her bid to take down incumbent Dem Rep. Henry Cuellar!
Warren endorses backed Jessica Cisneros who is running against Henry Cuellar
Warren has a long record of endorsing young progressive women. Her latest: , the young -endorsed challenger to Cuellar in TX
Elizabeth Warren backs ’s primary challenge to . Biggest Dem to back Cisneros so far. via
Quite interesting: Warren is endorsing a Dem primary challenger to the House's oiliest Dem. Are Dem consultants going to be barred from working with Warren now? Will Pelosi scold her?
Cuellar has by far the most pro-Trump voting record of any Democrat in Congress, relative to his district. So this challenge makes sense and it makes sense for Warren to endorse it.
Elizabeth Warren endorses Jessica Cisneros, Henry Cuellar's challenger | The Texas Tribune
Elizabeth Warren endorses Texas U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar's Democratic primary challenger via
Very interesting…