Like A Dog. (On the origins of dogs, and of human beings, with special reference to reactive aggression.) #LaborOfLove
So Cass Sunstein is writing articles about the evolution of dogs now?
What distinguishes dogs from wolves? A massive reduction in "reactive aggression." That is also what distinguishes Homo sapiens from now-extinct Homo species - and made our survival possible. There are lessons here about what characteristics to cultivate.
As compared with wolves, dogs show a decrease in "reactive aggression." As compared with our extinct cousins (e.g. Neanderthals), Homo sapiens shows a decrease in reactive aggression too. That might be what helped us to survive.
Like A Dog (or, Making America Kind Again). #MAKA
Where do dogs come from? What is it like, to be "like a dog"? With thanks to and Richard Wrangham, for spectacular work and inspiration. #LabradorRetriever
The President of the United States uses the term "like a dog" as an epithet - an expression of contempt. But homo sapiens is "like a dog" in a crucial respect, and that's probably what enabled us to survive (unlike our extinct cousins). #LikeADog