Jerry Coyne refutes David Gelernter's new anti-Darwin book. Coyne deserves our admiration for never saying "Aw, gee, do I have to refute this AGAIN?" He has the discipline & dedication to take on bad arguments however many times it takes. via
Jerry Coyne destroys a creationist nut. Except it’s not an ordinary creationist, but a respected computer scientist who has simply not bothered to read the relevant literature: his “arguments” are just the bog-standard creationist ones. What’s his motive?
As for why a Yale prof would embrace "intelligent design": Enemy-of-my-enemy-ism. I've seen many smart nonleftists not-so-smartly rebound to whatever they think is the opposite of PC orthodoxy: dogmatic libertarianism, Trump, creationism. via
Every criticism that Gelernter has levelled at neo-Darwinian evolution is wrong. And here describes in detail exactly why each criticism is wrong.
David Gelernter is Wrong About Ditching Darwin |
There is no other theory that can compete w Darwin’s able explain the available evidence. Citing ‘intelligent design’ as an obvious solution to unknowns isn’t a viable alternative. David Gelernter is Wrong About Ditching Darwin - ⁦
"I’m not sure why Gelernter so thoroughly accepts the nonsense that is ID... Rebutting such arguments is a perpetual and tiresome battle, useful only for those sporting open minds rather than religious blinkers." —Jerry Coyne ()
The rumors of Darwin's death (well, his theory) are once again premature explains renowned evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne in this thoughtful piece that addresses the claims head-on (no ad hominem, no ad credentialem)
Excellent piece in by rebutting David Gelernter’s critique of Darwinism
Fine essay by writing in responding to renewed attempts to undermine Darwinism that ignore overwhelming scientific evidence: "Sadly, his arguments are neither new nor correct."
I have not read it yet but I'm sure that my buddy Jerry Coyne set this guy straight.
David Gelernter is Wrong About Ditching Darwin - Quillette
An American computer scientist, David Gerlenter, is one more conservative academic who imagines he’s refuted Darwin. This is worth reading, by Jerry Coyne, who puts the record straight.