The massive cost of not adapting to climate change via
“Every 10th of a degree rise in temp matters as impacts scale quickly, even exponentially. At higher increases such as 3-4 degrees C, it becomes almost certain that we will cross tipping points, or irreversible changes in ecosystems or climate patterns”
Everybody waited too long to cut emissions so now we have to both cut emissions harder and adapt to changes already arriving.
“We need a revolution in understanding, planning and financing that makes #climate risk visible.” - Ban Ki Moon #ClimateCrisis #climatestrike
We need to #AdaptNow to address rising #climate risks. $1.8 trillion investment would yield $7.1 trillion benefits. But we face a huge gap, especially for the most vulnerable. Priority #1: #EarlyWarning & #EarlyAction. Tnx for yr leadership.
The massive cost of not adapting to climate change. The world must invest $1.8 trillion by 2030 to prepare for the effects of global warming. A new report said the payoff could be four times that
Great piece on the costs of waiting too long to adapt to climate change
The Massive Cost of Not Adapting to Jonathan Franzen
The Global Commission on Adaptation’s report is out! $1.8 tr in investment by 2030 across 5 categories —from weather warning systems to #infrastructure —would yield $7.1 tr in benefits. Good overview by
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