Remember when David Graeber apologised for being associated with an open-access journal? It turns out that he conspired to oust the editor-in-chief of that journal with a fake charge of sexual harassment. New piece from me
Must-read by in : detailed account of how a famous, hard Left anthropologist conspired to smear a colleague he’d fallen out with.
Enraging essay by in about the spiteful campaign to destroy a small academic journal and the reputation of its founder
"Graeber has defended himself from the charge of fabricating or exaggerating the allegations against da Col by arguing that he withheld information about sexual harassment from HAU‘s board because he was taking time to formulate the correct response."
An pretty striking story accusing David Graeber of fabricating fake #metoo stories on order to sink a graduate student. Sadly, my faith in Quillette has been sufficiently shaken that I'm left wondering. But if this is true then OMG.
Anthropologist David Graeber believes that "governments and laws are unnecessary because when people are left to their own devices they naturally behave in decent and democratic ways." This is what happens when you leave human nature out of anthropology.
Activist-scholars are weaponizing false claims of sexual harassment and the #metoo movement to cancel and otherwise destroy the careers of anyone they oppose politically. Great writeup by
"A well-known and powerful figure within anthropology used his platform and fame to spread unsubstantiated gossip and rumour, ostensibly to enact his version of ‘anarchist justice.’" [email protected]
Part of defending free speech means exposing witch hunts when they happen. We've exposed several, from fields as disparate as anthropology
Read about why is so upset with me here. (ICYMI: leaked emails show that he falsely accused a colleague of sexual harassment)