There may not be a day when we'll say "Democracy just ended." We'll just wake up one morning and realize it's gone
“Bit by bit the guardrails of democracy were torn down, as institutions meant to serve the public became tools of the ruling party, then were weaponized to punish and intimidate that party’s opponents.”
First of all stop calling it Sharpie-gate. This minimizes the seriousness of what was trying to get to do: tamper with the facts to serve his boss, endangering the public, the public trust in something as basic as the weather forecast.
1/ There is rightful cause for alarm over the recent uptick in brazen, and at times absurd, abuses of executive power.
"If you aren’t worried about the future of American democracy, you aren’t paying attention." (drawing on Levitsky and ) is right.
... but they are justifiably afraid that they won't get exclusions if they criticize admin policy. This amounts to a quiet use of the machinery of government to suppress opposition, the topic of my own column today 3/
“If you aren’t worried about the future of American democracy, you aren’t paying attention.”
How Democracy Dies, American-Style
How Democracy Dies, American-Style: Sharpies, auto emissions and the weaponization of policy
"In less than three years [the Justice Department] has been transformed from an agency that tries to enforce the law to an organization dedicated to punishing Trump’s opponents"
Krugman escreve sobre os EUA de Trump. Mas poderia ser o Brasil de Bolsonaro se trocarmos os nomes das agências e os personagens. A conclusão é a mesma, se você não está preocupado é por que não entendeu o que está acontecendo