"We tend to be attracted to people who think in similar ways to ourselves" says journalist Matthew Syed, "you have this big problem in the world of groups coming together who are individually intelligent, but collectively stupid" #politicslive
This is a really good read. It’s about Perspective Blindness. And is far more nuanced than you might think from the headline. What if this problem extends beyond intelligence, and silently afflicts thousands of organisations, governments & teams today?
CIA ‘too white’ to spot 9/11 clues
Is our failure to address (and actually go backwards on) the #HealthInequalities in the #NHS a product of homogenous leadership?
Many important lessons for tech industry in ⁦⁩ new book 'Rebel Ideas', was lucky to have a sneak preview. Vital reading, learn why diversity is not a 'nice to have' but a 'must have'. You can have a sneak preview in this article.
Does the CIA need to be more diverse?
They finally did it. They found a way to blame white people for 9/11
I assumed this screenshot had to be some form of Photoshopped trolling effort. It isn't.
There is not another workplace where diversity of thought and cultural intelligence is crucial to its functioning than the intelligence agencies themselves. If I ran CIA, I won't be sending a caucasian as a spy inside a Taliban sleeper cell. It's obvious.