we've reached the point where news organizations pre-write stories about top Trump aides being fired, the way that obituaries for famous old people are done
Breaking News: President Trump fired John R. Bolton, his third national security adviser, over differing approaches on Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan.
Good riddance. If Trump really was for peace, he never would have hired Bolton, Pompeo, Haley, and the rest of those neocons in the first place.
“No other president has had four national security advisers in his first three years in office”
No prior president has ever had four national security advisers in his first three years in office.
Bolton has reportedly already left - this means there is unlikely to be any NSA to NSA transition. Having worked on one such transition - they are critical to ensure continuity.
Firing Bolton limits the damage he can do going forward, but no one should forget the damage he has already done, including pushing Trump to exit the Iran deal, scuttling the Hanoi summit with Kim Jung Un, advocating withdrawal from the INF Treaty, etc.
"Mr. Trump has long complained privately that Mr. Bolton was too willing to get the United States into another war." with latest from the Trump WH departure lounge
I’ll believe that Trump is growing into the presidency when his staff stops talking about him like a toddler.
Well of course. Of course.
John Bolton has been bounced as 's national security adviser. Good.
Bolton waged a last-minute campaign to stop Trump from signing a peace agreement w/the Taliban. He won the policy battle but lost the larger war when the president grew angry about the way the matter played out. Great reporting via ⁦
Trump Ousts John Bolton as National Security Adviser
Ok, so is a fired Bolton going to be as tight-lipped about the dysfunctional White House as Mattis, Tillerson, McMaster et al? John Bolton Fired as National Security Adviser
John Bolton feeling pretty silly about this little stunt right about now
Trump fires warmonger John Bolton. Good riddance.