“There is high-quality evidence for associations between childhood sexual abuse & two psychiatric disorders (schizophrenia+PTSD) & one psychosocial outcome (substance misuse).” Long-term outcomes of childhood sexual abuse: an umbrella review #OpenAccess
Childhood sexual abuse is associated with a range of adult psychiatric and physical health conditions incl. self harm, obesity, eating disorders. Our #OA umbrella review provides an overview of the evidence and examines its quality:
Despite childhood sexual abuse being associated with a large range of adult psychosocial, psychiatric and physical health problems, only 3 (substance misuse, PTSD and schizophrenia) were supported by high quality review evidence. New #OA metareview:
Very interesting #umbrella #review looking at long-term outcomes for #childhood #sexual #abuse. High-quality evidence for relationship w/ #PTSD (no surprise), #substance #misuse (again) & #schizophrenia (most interesting)
A review of long-term outcomes of childhood sexual abuse in finds that "interventions mitigating later substance misuse and post-traumatic stress disorder should be prioritised." Authors include
unbrella review by remains a great piece of work
Umbrella reviews are one useful approach to synthesise a disparate body of research evidence, examine its quality and highlight gaps. In our review of longer term consequences of childhood sexual abuse, we identified many psych + physical health outcomes: