Tonight! Watch as Robert Plomin, Nancy Segal, Anne Pleschette Murphy and I debate what genetic research does — and doesn’t — tell us about parenting.
This is happening.... NYC tweeps, come see us!
Nature or nurture? 🍼 Professors Robert Plomin, Nancy Segal, , and Ann Pleshette Murphy take on the debate next Tuesday, 10/29. Get the details:
"Debates are like crack cocaine to the British" [email protected] Come watch us debate Robert Plomin and Nancy Segal in NYC on Oct 29
How essential is parenting, really? We're taking on the "nature versus nurture" debate on October 29! Featuring professors Robert Plomin, Nancy Segal, , and .
We're debating nature versus nurture on October 29! Mark your calendars & help us welcome four new #IQ2US debaters: • Behavioral genetics professor • Psychology professor Nancy Segal •  professor • Author
I wrote about this Intelligence Squared debate when it took place in London last year. In another life, this is the only type of journalism I’d do. I love doing it, but it’s very labour intensive and doesn’t pay the mortgage
5. Is DNA a "fortune-teller"? Is DNA all that matters? 6. Does genetic research mean that parenting doesn't matter? (video) 7. Why should progressives embrace genetic research on education? (continued)
Interestingly, this was done at this debate involving Plomin and , at IQsquared