I went searching for the source of Biden’s resilience so far and ended up writing this piece about the woke-working class divide, the rage inside Biden world about the press and twitter elites, and how Biden’s opponents might still bring him down.
This is really the core argument for Biden getting the nomination: “The party is older than people think. It’s more centrist than people think,” via
Hope y’all take time to read this piece by . It’s weird how many ppl are named top something or senior something. A lot of ppl want to be honest w/o their names attached. I said the quiet part aloud. But it was honest.
“I don't know of anybody who has taken as sustained and vitriolic a negative pounding as Biden and who has come through it with the strength he has,” said a top Biden adviser.
I imagine this would be a somewhat amusing statement to veterans of the 2008 and 2016 Democratic primaries
These women may object: “I don't know of anybody who has taken as sustained and vitriolic a negative pounding as Biden and who has come through it with the strength he has,” said a top Biden adviser.
Analysis: Biden's team is awfully resentful of how their man is being covered, yet confident they have a superior understanding of the Democratic electorate
Find and replace "Joe Biden" with "Hillary Clinton" and I would believe you if you told me this was from her worse days circa 2015.
Most striking part of jam may be #take (even after deducting for sour grapes): "This isn’t a ‘Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow’ election. The stakes are so high with this president that there is a fear of rolling the dice.”
"[Biden is] the only person to demonstrate substantial support across a multiracial coalition. So actually he is most in step with the party. But no one ever sees it that way because that is not the world as seen through Twitter.” Must read from
This argument from Ryan Lizza's very good piece on the Biden campaign is really interesting. I'm vaguely reminded of Trump supporters angry at the "elites" who condescend to them and question their loyalty to the president.
“This woke-working class divide is at the heart of the most salient fact about the Democratic primaries: Nothing has damaged Biden. Biden entered the race with about 30 percent support nationally and he has that same 30 percent today.”
Biden aide scoffs at generational argument, forgets name, via > “The last guy who tried this was out of the race in a week, that congressman from California,” said the Biden adviser who couldn’t remember the name of 38 yr old Eric Swalwell.
This ⁦⁩ joint on BidenWorld is scorchingly good
Reading this piece () — which accurately reflects thinking inside Biden orbit — has me thinking about this paper on 2012 ( “Will you explain crosstabs to me?"
The fab debut of in our pages. What the Biden camp thinks the press doesn't get about 2020
Note this from the article: “‘I don't know of anybody who has taken as sustained and vitriolic a negative pounding as Biden and who has come through it with the strength he has,’ said a top Biden adviser.” If he’s strong, why is that quote anonymous?
Just flat out wrong. Used to be when presidents were forcefully fact checked, they would alter the claim or stop making it. "Checking" a man who intensifies his falsehoods so as to maximize polarization and turn the press into a hate object— different job.
* Of course if you're *especially* lazy about it, you can just say "BUT 2016?!?!?!" to dismiss any polls you don't like. (Obligatory note: the poll leaders at this stage of the primaries 4 years ago, Clinton and Trump, won their respective nominations.)
best piece yet on the clueless press and Biden's durability - one more thing: Press confuses enthusiasm in these cattle call settings as indicative of where the electorate really is
The great thing about this Ryan Lizza piece on Biden & the press corps is that it is loaded with Democratic sources saying all the things conservatives have said about the national/DC political press for years
This is the kind of thing that leads prominent pro-Biden Dems to say stuff like this: “This gets back to the vitriol of the left. They seem to feel like, ‘Why don’t you dumb voters see what we see? If we yell at you enough will you start to listen to us?’”
Like Pres Trump supporters, VP Biden supporters don’t care what you think of him. And there are a lot of them.
"To Biden’s advisers and allies, the gap between a press corps, as well as the wider online political class, that is largely in its twenties and thirties and a candidate who would be 78 at his Inaugural explains a lot..."
"Inside the Biden campaign, it is the collision between these two worlds that advisers believe explain why his White House run often looks like a months-long series of gaffes." Really interesting reported story by
“Biden’s been amazingly durable. But he gets no respect from the people who make conventional wisdom on the left.”
.'s article about Biden's staying power in the face of negative media emphasizes that his politics better accord with America than do Left Twitter's, but the implicit contrast is to Right Twitter's misconception of Dem politics.
Though tbh there’s also an undercurrent of ’s “you punk kids” attitude toward the campaign press corps running through this piece.
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"To Biden world, it’s the media’s cultural affinity for this New New Left that explains why the Biden-will-soon-collapse storyline has such staying power." via
It may well be Woke or Win.