Breaking: William Happer, chief climate science critic on the White House NSC who was pushing for a major review of climate science, is OUT of the White House as of Friday, per
NEWS 🚨: William Happer, a chief critic of climate science in the White House, will leave his post as a senior director on the National Security Council on Friday.
Yesterday it was John Bolton. Today it’s William Happer. This is a good trend line.
So. Farewell Then Will Happer Accomplished physicist And well-funded Climate Contrarian Yes. That was your Most famous role. Yet, at the Time of writing, The globe still warms. Some may Like their Team Red. I prefer Blue. Apologies to E.J.Thribb, 17½
Unexpected bonus from Bolton leaving the trump administration: William Happer, climate lunatic, is gone too.
While I don't expect even the slightest improvement in the Trump administration's grossly derelict #climate policy, it's good that this source of bad science and misinformation is leaving. via
Will Happer, who loves CO2 and hated the #NCA4 climate assessment, is leaving Team Trump after a short stint at . (via ) Hear Happer's love of CO2 *and* climate science (true fact) here:
WHITE HOUSE: Adviser who applauded rise in CO2 to leave administration. He plans to ride his horse into the Western sunset in search of the Marlboro Man. via
One less person in the #TrumpAdministration to support #climate #denial