Labour's Brexit collaboration with the Tories is a scandal - me in
This from is a #mustread. In practical terms there is no difference between Corbyn and the Brexiteers
"The Labour left and Tory right agree on Brexit. Why don’t they merge?" More excellent #Brexit analysis
Few in the party, & next to none of the electorate, know the truth behind Labour's approach to Brexit By
The Corbyn crowd are the real 'Red Tories' - by
explaining who the real red Tories are.
The pathetic tragedy that is the UK hard-left (now = hard-right on Bexit) summed up cogently by
The Labour left and Tory right agree on Brexit, says Nick Cohen. Why don’t they merge?
Although both sides are too embarrassed to admit it, we are now ruled by a Corbyn-Johnson pact, says