This close examination by of Andy Ngo’s work sheds light on how the far right has become more sophisticated at feeding its noxious talking points into mainstream conservatism.
i wrote about andy ngo and how he represents the far right's newest class of grifters for
This is an excellent in-depth takedown of fascist-friendly propagandist & grifter Andy Ngo - by
Did you see this piece detailing Andy Ngo's history with the skeptic/New Atheist movements?
A great story on Andy Ngo and a revealing look at the lines between New Atheism and far-right chauvinism.
Excellent on Ngo's grifty roots in the reactionary tendencies of New Atheism, weaponizing his campus "freethought" group and Dawkins org internship for right-wing agitation, then welcoming and promoting the literal Nazis he attracted
CFI was originally started by Carl Sagan and has more branches than Portland, and many of the folks involved are secular with humanist values. However, there is some mission creep away from humanist values disguised as...
Hi . Thanks for mentioning that there are many at or associated with (myself very much included) have pushing back against this bullshit. And we'll keep pushing.