An emotion is a mechanism that orchestrates physiology and behavior to solve a specific problem that has occurred consistently throughout evolutionary history. In a new paper, we argue that the state of being sick is an emotion.
Online first in "Lassitude: The emotion of being sick" by Schrock et al. "Lassitude exhibits the core features of an emotion–-it is triggered by cues of an adaptive problem, generates a characteristic facial expression, & has distinct qualia"
More news coverage on the recent paper in "Lassitude: The emotion of being sick"
It’s infrequent that one can announce a novel charaterization of an emotional adaptation: “Lassitude: The Emotion of Being Sick” New in from Schrock, Snodgrass, & Sugiyama
Psychologist claim to have discovered a yet unrecognized emotion: Lassitude, the emotion of being sick. It serves to fight infection, giving the face a doleful expression.