Another left-wing woman left no place to write the truth except in a right-wing outlet. HOW the left wing has let feminists, and women more generally, down.
"Most gender critical women have no real concern for how adults wish to live and to express themselves. Their real worries came when the very act of defining the word 'woman' as adult human female was labeled a prejudiced act." This piece is on fire
Excellent piece....
The left is willing to say that female is a feeling, identifiable by costume & demeanor. This is what feminists have been fighting against the entire time. ⁦⁩ gets it wrong. ⁩ I’m a Feminist Who Was Purged by the Trans Left
.: "For me, it was the realization that trans ideology affirms, rather than deconstructs, gender stereotypes, that made me step back and take notice."
The fight against trans ideology began with the uncomfortable feeling that men were colonizing women’s bodies & spaces by claiming to be women, as though womanhood carries with it some kind of legitimacy that being a man in a dress does not.