This is a failure of reporting — this headline is awful — but it’s emblematic of a bigger cultural problem with academia as well as the media. Academia loves brilliant men and couldn’t care less about their victims.
“Man jailed for rape” There, fixed it. Can we now stop fetishising & excusing gifted men who abuse & rape? Their academic contributions do not offer recompense for their vile crimes.
What the fuck's this ? I could not give a fuck about this man's CV. That he brutalises women means he does NOT have 'potential for important work': he shouldn't be allowed to teach. The significance of rape is not a 'brilliant' man's downfall ffs
"...references from York academics with doctorates, saying: “They support the defendant returning to the university post release." " How come your staff are so hyped to welcome a rapist back to the university?
This is like a masterclass in how not to report rape. 4 mentions of his brilliance in the first 3 paras, 5 including the headline. Vs impact on the victim not mentioned until 4th para
I have now lodged a complaint with IPSO regarding the reporting of sexual violence in this article, which focuses on the perpetrators academic abilities rather than the crime: If anyone would like to join me, here is the link:
Oh look, a “brilliant academic mind” who had the potential to do "incredibly important work". Why the praise, you ask? Because he was ‘hoping to start a PhD in biophysics’ but decided to rape a woman, something he’ll now do time for. Nice reporting. 👌🏻
Bloody hell ⁦⁩ what is this? A woman was made suicidal by this man’s actions, but his career potential is what you focus on?
The judge was handed letters supporting the rapist and saying they would welcome him back to the doctoral program. 'Brilliant academic' jailed for more than five years for rape
Who at thought the real story here is that a promising biophysicist won’t do his PhD, and not that a woman was raped? This framing is revolting. It’s like the parody in :