Andrew Yang will announce tonight that his campaign will randomly select 10 families and give them a total of $120,000 over the next year
NEW: Andrew Yang to announce $120,000 giveaway in his opening statement tonight. 10 families will be randomly selected to receive $1,000/mo as part of a pilot program for Yang’s UBI plan. Ppl will be able to enter the online raffle starting tn for a week
You get $12,000! And you get $12,000!.... Oprahfies the Democratic primary
Given the differences in MPCs between donors and recipients this is probably growth-enhancing on the margin
I'm all for policy experiments, but I can't see this going well. Americans at least like to pretend their elections are more than a game show.
. I would love you to weigh in persuasion-wise on debate "stunt." You praise Trump for his ability to see the value in making his campaign entertaining and many in MSM are comparing Yang's debate offer to a game show.