“Skins” for apps are usually just graphic, but what if you could the fundamental emotional tenor of e.g. your email client according to mood, like choosing a playlist? This game is an email app—but with focused emotional design. (h/t !)
You can be nice to a stranger RIGHT NOW. You can make someone's day or help them stop crying. You can bob your head to lo fi chill beats. You can do this for REAL PEOPLE. It's a game on Steam: [ Kind Words ] (lo fi chill beats to write to) #kindwords
Since we're all stuck at home alone, I'd like to send five people a copy of the life-affirming game Kind Words. Ideal for isolation, it sees you share lovely messages with other players, in a cozy room with relaxing music. Just reply & I'll pick tomorrow!
I'm kind of obsessed with this game about being kind to strangers, and letting strangers be kind to you.
My friend brought this game to my attention and I think it's really cool: you post short comments about what's bothering you and the community sends you anonymous letters of support. And there's almost no negativity in the community. Plus chill music
Now seems like a good time to plug this game - if that's the right word - which is all about writing and receiving kind letters from strangers.
I came across Kind Words - quite an interesting concept for a game, and looks like it's moderated to prevent any bad behaviour - may be of interest to and your mental health work