Criticism is not violence but pretending it is while pretending that you’re brave or even a hero for receiving it is... disgusting. And congratulations for not needing those queer political points, Bari, some of us spent or even gave up our lives for that.
Few things have made me more sympathetic to burn-it-all-down Marxism than reading this account of a media elite party
My agent texted me this and said “It’s a room full of people who want to speak to the manager.”
The staggering creative intellectual talent under 40 blocked from constructive, renumerative work while this noxious dreck is gilded is the most depressing feature of my little corner of the world.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the trouble with American elite is their refusal to acknowledge that they’re part of the elite.
Sometimes good people get ahead - ⁦⁩ is warm, generous, and smart as Hell. ❤️
Bari Weiss is wonderful, glad to see so many awful people mad she's succeeding
This piece led me to wonder what the opposite of fan fiction would be called.
. can do a lot of things brilliantly, including party reporting
This account of the Bari Weiss book party is a pretty good example of what sociologists call “victimhood culture.”
Man, look, not saying its a race thing, and I will keep giving it my all, doing 110% for my followers, but just, like, how hard does a brother gotta thinkfluentially disrupt the marketplace of ideas before he gets invited to the IDW parties? Just saying.
"moderate chic" manages to be a perfectly devastating critique in just 2 words
Sounds like everyone had a good time at the party in West Egg the other night
There are a lot of specific things about this party that make me want to be launched into the sun but also book parties as a genre are horrific and I will not go to yours
OK, just read this piece. I really don't think these people appreciate how absurd they sound. I understand it doesn't feel this way to them, but they are the elites. They are the ones with power. Not the Left, and certainly not the Left you see on Twitter.
Damn-not invited
“The depredations of the online left came up often at the party, with little or no prompting.” I just love book party dispatches, this one courtesy of ⁦⁩ in ⁦