“Mr. Trump may not be interested in the merits of debating the material composition of a straw, but he does instinctively understand the monetary value of slapping his name on one.”
NEW from me: Inside the machinery of the Trump campaign's defiance-merchandise machine. Siphoning rage from Twitter pays: Over 55,000 packs of those own-the-libs straws have netted over $823,000. The #Sharpiegate markers have made the campaign $50,000.
"Liberal paper straws don't work": Trump campaign netted $823,000 selling plastic straws, part of a strategy of bringing to market products memorializing the president's latest run-ins -- defiance as lifestyle. ⁦
With Markers and Straws, Trump’s Campaign Sells Defiance as a Lifestyle
Get your official Trump marker here! Magic! One flick of the wrist & it turns a fact into a lie!