Saudi Arabia is shutting down about half of its oil output after drone strikes hit production facilities, people familiar say
After 4 years of US/UK-backed Saudi genocidal war on Yemen, the Houthis are hitting back more and more effectively: The Saudi regime is being forced to shut down half of its oil output after Houthi drone strikes hit production facilities in a large attack
Wild. The overnight drone attack on Saudi oil facilities, for which the Houthis claimed responsibility, has reportedly forced the kingdom to halt "about half its oil output," pulling 5m barrels a day out of global supply.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blames Iran for attack on Saudi oil fields
This attack is part of campaign by the Islamic Republic of Iran designed to make cave. Correct response: double down on the U.S. maximum pressure campaign.
Drone attacks caused fires at two facilities of Saudi Arabia’s vast state oil company via with #OOTT #Saudi #Yemen
Shutdown after drone attack amounts to a loss of about 5 million barrels of #oil per day, ~5% of global daily production of crude. #KSA
Iran has sent its pre UNGA message. We shouldn’t reward them with a meeting.
Good Lord: “A Houthi spokesman said the attack involved 10 drones.”
Wow. “Shutdown amounts to a loss of some five million barrels a day, roughly 5% of the world’s daily production of crude” For context, the 2014-2016 decline in prices resulted from a surplus of roughly 2% of global production.
“Saudi Arabia’s production shutdown amounts to a loss of about five million barrels a day, roughly 5% of the world’s daily production of crude oil.”
This is a big deal. The amount of asymmetry in this attack is huge. 10 drones shuts down 1/2 of Saudi oil production. US systems are very vulnerable as well. This is something to watch and worry about. It will change our society. Again.
Yet another reason to move away from fossil fuels. Renewables are more democratic, and aren’t concentrating power in questionable places. And it’s really hard to disrupt the global wind and sunshine supplies.
“This kind of thing is frightening to me, because it gives me the feeling that the very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world.” —George Orwell
America First doesn’t have the luxury of permitting Iran to mess up the global energy market
Another reason to adopt renewable energy: you are not subject to price shocks from things like this. The Sun and wind are now and forever free. Terrorists can't shut 'em down.
Thank goodness for fracking.
Saudi Arabia Shuts Down About Half Its Oil Output After Drone Strikes
Yet, even more stress on the global economy. Thankful for Fracking which has freed us from the chains of SA.
”an­a­lysts cau­tioned against ac­cept­ing Houthi claim of re­spon­si­bil­ity...An at­tack in May on a Saudi oil-pump­ing sta­tion,blamed on #Houthis&#Iran,turned out to have been launched by an Iran­ian-backed mili­tia in #Iraq” #SaudiArabia
Drone attacks caused fires at two facilities of #SaudiArabia’s vast state oil company via ⁦⁩ #Yemen