For the first time in history, large numbers of Americans are demanding an end to endless war. But it won’t happen unless the United States stops trying to dominate the world by force. My thoughts in
Brilliant by : "Dominance, assumed to ensure peace, in fact guarantees war. To get serious about stopping endless war, American leaders must do what they most resist: end America’s commitment to armed supremacy."
Good argument by against America’s endless wars. Maybe then we can stop pretending that “humanitarian” military intervention is good for economic development.
Stephen's oped is brilliant, and a rhetorical masterpiece. Come home, America.
Excellent NYT piece by on how to end Endless War. The advent of , which he co-founded, is the most promising development in the foreign policy think tank world that I can recall.
It is time not only to stop a war with Iran but to end endless war altogether.
For : "Shrinking the military’s footprint will deprive presidents of the temptation to answer every problem with a military solution," writes
Endless war isn’t working for the US or its targets, even when the aim is humanitarian. Persuasive. By ⁦
If America can’t come to grips with its addiction to war, progress in all other areas is doubtful. Great piece by
Everyone from Mayor Pete to President Trump wants to "end endless war." But what does that mean? explains.
500,000 Syrians could not be reached for comment.
"Armed domination has become an end in itself. Which means Americans face a choice: Either they should openly espouse endless war, or they should chart a new course."