New Atheism may have been necessary, but it came at a high price, wrongly portraying religious faith as a defect of the mind. The linked discussion provides a rigorous alternative. I hope it is productive to those on both sides of the religious divide.
Please watch the video and report back. It will be interesting to discover if you maintain your faith in the fiction of New Atheism in the face of a scientificly sound counter argument.
I love getting to host deep conversations between great thinkers. Watch & on ‘Religion: Useful Fiction or Ultimate Truth?’ Pt 1 - Main discussion Pt 2 - Audience Q&A
Thank you to for hosting this fascinating (and gentlemanly) conversation between and , which I think really ended up being more about how to best explain humanity's history and reshape its dire future. (1/4)
RT : Last year I discussed with the relationship between religion, evolution, morality and culture on ’s The Big Conversation. The videos are available on YouTube
Alister McGrath & Bret Weinstein • Religion: Useful fiction or ultimate truth? PART 1 via