Puberty blocking drugs aren’t a pause button. They’re the first step in a hormonal and surgical protocol that is unproven to help gender dysphoric kids, and carries great risk (infertility, low bone density, heart disease, stroke).
A secretly recorded tape offers a look into the training provided to teachers by prominent UK trans lobby group . In the recording, teachers were actually urged to support medical intervention for young children who question their gender.
The British transgender advocacy group Mermaids was caught on tape training school teachers to recommend sex change procedures to ANY young children who question his or her gender. This is sick and deplorable exploitation of the young.
Yet another Sunday Times article by the usual suspects in whipping up more hysteria about trans people. I don’t know the long-term consequences of puberty blockers, but I do know that using a proven transphobe as an expert source is terrible journalism.
"Mermaids is not giving pupils a choice that they may just be gay or lesbian. Instead, it is diverted down a drastic path that ultimately ends in surgery. To be propagating such information to schools is disturbing.”