Gary Larson's official website for The Far Side stayed virtually untouched since July 2000, a time capsule of the early web—until yesterday, when it got its first redesign in 19 years.
Not sure why this isn’t clogging up my TL but this is the only good news since Bowie died and sent us into this horrible alternate universe
Gary Larson's The Far Side website has been updated for the first time in ~20 years with new art and a "Coming Soon" message
There are weeks when good news is particularly appreciated. The return of Gary Larson's The Far Side is a ray of sunshine.
The return of The Far Side
Oh wow, this is neat
Greatest news in cartoon world. Far Side is coming back!!!!
Gary Larsen is doing new The Far Side! 😹
I am embarrassed at how exciting this news is: #TheFarSide is coming back! #HFSA2019