It hurts my feelings when my choice to do evil for a living has consequences.
NY Times BS alert: None of my border patrol friends cite any of these factors for their current bad morale: to me, they cite being forced off the line into childcare duties and relentless progressive left social media campaigns demonizing them.
The U.S. Border Patrol is facing a crisis in both mission and morale. Overwhelmed by overcrowding at the border and criticized for mistreating people in their care, many agents have grown defensive, insular, and bitter.
Some former agents said contempt for migrants has become the rule at Border Patrol, not the exception. Offensive Facebook posts made by agents, uncovered earlier this year, reflect a culture that in some ways has been long apparent in parts of the agency.
Really important story by my colleagues taking us inside the Border Patrol and it’s culture at a time of intense scrutiny and pressure. cc:
We interviewed 25 current and former Border Patrol agents, here’s what they said
Quite a byline: By Manny Fernandez, Miriam Jordan, Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Caitlin Dickerson Photographs by Kendrick Brinson
“The intense criticism that is being directed at the Border Patrol is necessary and important because I do think that there’s a culture of cruelty or callousness,” a fmr agent tells . “There’s a lack of oversight. There is a lot of impunity.”
this is a well-done, difficult piece to write
‘People Actively Hate Us’: Inside the Border Patrol’s Morale Crisis
‘People Actively Hate Us’: Inside the Border Patrol’s Morale Crisis - The New York Times
“Interviews with 25 current and former agents in Texas, California and Arizona — some conducted on the condition of anonymity so the agents could speak more candidly — paint a portrait of an agency in a political and operational quagmire”