Good news for HK! " expects #HKHumanRightsandDemocracyAct to easily pass in Congress & be signed into law by . He has spoken with Trump about it & has not encountered resistance. has indicated that they would sign it.”
Hong Kong has yet more protests today, and some demonstrators are calling for the US to "pass the act". What does that mean, and what can DC do? and explain, with an interview with
Marco Rubio tells ⁦⁦⁩ he has personally spoken with President Trump about the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act and has not encountered resistance. “The White House has indicated that they would sign it.”
"Hong Kong police announced that they’ve arrested nearly 1,400 people between the ages of 12 and 76 since the protests erupted..."
The Chinese Communist Party considers Hong Kong “the front line of its battle against Western liberal democracies,” tells . "The fact that we can’t ultimately control the outcome entirely should not prevent us from doing something."