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Imagine being the kind of person that would cancel a charitable donation because they only wanted it to save a British child not a Bangladeshi child #RNLI_disgrace #rnli donate here
I LOVE the Ive supported them all my life. I’ve seen first hand the life saving work they do both at home and abroad. Providing lifeboats. Saving lives around the WORLD. Training lifeguards around the WORLD. It’s what they do. Please make a donation
The pro-drowning lobby is going to lose this battle. Good. Onward!
Suddenly feeling an overwhelming urge to donate to the RNLI, who oddly seem to insist on helping *anyone* who’s in danger of drowning
I'll be forever grateful to the for rescuing me in my swamped sailing dingy in a squall in the Solent. They do brilliant work in the UK and abroad. You can make a one-off donation here
Here's how to donate to #RNLI in one easy link