Kamala Harris’s campaign has had two main problems: Her surprising penchant for gaffes, and her lack of an overarching theme. She still has time to fix both and make a comeback, writes.
”The most effective presidential candidates are able both to energize their base and persuade the political middle. Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan and F.D.R. all did so... Senator Kamala Harris has the potential to pull off this trick.”
There's time for Booker or Harris to compete for Biden's voters, but there's a coordination problem between the two of them. Case in point: argues for Harris
Harris now down to 8% in betting markets - way undervalued per . Going long on Warren at 11% still looking good - now up to 37%.
My new column argues that Kamala Harris needs to do two main things to recover: 1) Be honest with herself about her recent penchant for avoidable mistakes 2) Come up with a clearer vision to help voters understand her values.