. just crossed 1% of TVL in DeFi covered! Great achievement but still long ways to go. 🚀 Source:
. cover at all time heights and rising #ProductMarketFit
I built a tracker for on-chain metrics, including active cover amount, capital pool size, amount staked, and NXM token price. Check it out! 👇 Growth has been super impressive since launch two months ago.
~$128MM of active cover on 🥳🎉 it's going parabolic 📈 if you know you know. cc h/t
New Smart Contract Cover! 💳 Cover ID: 578 💼 Smart Contract: 💲 Cover Amount (USD): $2,120,000.00 💰 Cover Amount (ETH/DAI): 5,000.0 ETH 🕓 Start Date: 2020-08-14 ⏰ Expiration Date: 2021-06-10 More info
Check out for the latest smart contract cover activity on Ethereum. Historical data here