Millennials are notoriously averse to talking on the phone, but argues that her generation should get over it—and get to chatting.
Why Phone Conversations Are Way Better Than Texting - or why we should all start calling people again!! ⁦
The wonderful always knows what to write and when to write it. In her latest piece, she calls for more phone calls, not less. Amanda is 33, which means she's a millennial. She's going against her own peer group, what a revolutionary
I mean, TO BE CLEAR: Text me first and ask if it's okay to call me. But call me.
I would go even further than : Phone calls are the best way to communicate, we lost something as a society when we abandoned them, and we should bring them back en masse.
I am here for this. But of course, I'm an Commissioner.
calling is good
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1. This call to revive the culture of, well, calling is really great
#PR professionals - DON'T be afraid to pick up the phone! shares why phone calls are always the way to go, in any situation!
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She has a point.