Pakistan: Professor Khalid Hameed, English lecturer and devout Muslim, was killed by student Khateeb Hussain Hussain said Hameed insulted Islam. 6 months later, no charges laid against him, or the Islamist preacher who police say told him to kill
I had read local accounts of Professor Hameed’s murder, but reading this report & staring at his picture has brought tears to my eyes. A man who by all accounts was deeply religious & dedicated to teaching was murdered by his 21-year-old student for ...>
A Pakistani student said he killed his professor because he insulted Islam. Now other teachers are wary of speaking freely in class.
A Professor’s Killing Sends a Chill Through a Campus in Pakistan
Professor Hameed, a senior English lecturer in Pakistan and devout Muslim, was murdered by a student over vague and falsified blasphemy accusations. Other professors see it as a warning to watch their words.
A Professor's Killing Sends a Chill Through A Campus In Pakistan How shameful that a student killed his teacher and the authorities have not yet filed charges against him.
'Cancel culture' comes to higher education in Pakistan