My profile of Lauren Duca started with us discussing her new book and her complicated public perception. It ended with her entire NYU summer class filing a formal complaint against her.
The students who took Lauren Duca's NYU journalism class filed a complaint against her for showing "a consistent lack of professionalism that persisted throughout every aspect of the course"
“You're being so fucking hard on me, Scaachi, and I really, really, really, really would ask you if you would be grilling a man in this same way." A perfect profile of Lauren Duca from
Of course the kids got ripped off. “Feminist” journalism is the problem. “Journalism” is the answer. Take a course in Orwell, read “She Said” and get out there and fight like Hell for the truth. You are needed.
The real scandal here is that NYU defrauded its students by hiring Lauren Duca to teach a journalism class even though it was blatantly obvious it would be a disaster.
I can't get past the fact that Lauren Duca's NYU journalism school class cost $6500 for 6 weeks and involved no teaching?
How Did Lauren Duca’s Revolution Backfire?
NYU allowed an uberfeminist columnist in her late 20s to teach a class on journalisming. You won't believe what happened next
Don’t blame NYU for Duca’s terrible fraudulent class the students hated—all the school did was hire somebody with no experience teaching when the city is full of starving veteran adjuncts who need work and are actually good at their jobs.
There's a lot going on in this piece about Lauren Duca, but just wanted to say that all of the various moving parts are well handled by -- very well written piece on a difficult subject
Please read my Lauren Duca profile. If you like me, you will enjoy it. If you don’t, you will enjoy reading me get insulted. It really covers all the bases here.
not sure if this qualifies as another example of hyper-reality, but journalists are now writing articles about twitter celebrities in the context of twitter scandals and gauging the opinions of twitter subcultures
The part about all of Lauren Duca's NYU students hating her and her picking on a student whose English is not so good is AWESOME, though. So woke. Much leftist. Put her in charge of our health care.
NYU took a journalist and said "here, teach a journalism class", the same way that bootcamps take coders and say "here, teach a coding class". The result for students in both situations is the same. Having a skill doesn't mean you can teach it.
It's almost like... journalists being celebrities in their own right... is a bad thing !!!!
This 6 weeks journalism class at NYU Lauren Duca teaches nothing but bragging about her book costs 6500$. I’m laughing because this story is the best joke I read this week. I’m laughing because buzzfeed uncommonly,accurately reported something that is real
there was no one better than to write this profile
Lauren Duca was totally savaged in this piece. “It’s frustrating to see as a student, as a young woman, see how somebody can so clearly take advantage of the system and capitalize on her supposed wokeness while not practicing what she’s writing about.”
This is such a train-wreck for about 5000 different reasons
Modern fame is a train wreck
We chew people up for sport. Not everyone who wants to be in the spotlight should be.
"I created a dynamic, experimental, ever-evolving course structure" said no good professor ever.
This story is amazing and might have the best last line I’ve read this year.
LOL, LOL, Lauren Duca's entire NYU summer class, the class she was teaching, put in a formal complaint about her. IOW, srsly, don't take any course run by Lauren Duca.
“It's okay if I'm not a great teacher because I'm great at lots of other things" is probably a direct quote from about 10,000 tenure reviews.
Lauren Duca of is back in the spotlight with coming book "How To Start A Revolution," a lengthy profile, & revelations that 5 students in her NYU "Feminist Journalism" class claim she harassed a student w limited English proficiency
This long profile is fascinating to me in its treatment of the subject’s forthcoming book, which seemed to occasion the piece and is mentioned within it in quite an unorthodox way 1/
Wait ... since when is Jessica Valenti a ‘feminist icon’??? Never mind whoever Duca is ....