If entire fields of study are more or less made up, this is a bigger problem for the university than canceled speakers or the lack of viewpoint diversity.
"My research didn’t prove anything. I just assumed that gender was a social construct and proceeded on that basis. I never engaged—at least not seriously—with anyone who suggested otherwise."
Here's a question this piece doesn't address: Why do large numbers of academics desperately want to believe things that are false?
"The problem was, and is, that I was making it all up. These were educated guesses I was offering. They were hypotheses. Maybe I was right. But neither I, nor anyone else, ever thought to scrutinize what I wrote."
Prof is known as the author of one of the influential early Canadian texts in gender studies. In this stunning new essay, he stands by his research, but candidly admits that his fashionable conclusions about gender were made up.
"Was it really always about power? Maybe. And maybe not. The proof that I used to insist that it was about power was to cite other scholars who said it was. It helped if their names were French and they were philosophers"
“I had answers, but I didn’t find them in my primary research. They came from my ideological beliefs—even if, at the time, I wouldn’t have described this as ideology... But this is what it was, and is.”
Our 5th most read article from 2019 came from a former gender studies scholar, Christopher Dummitt who admits that he "basically just made it all up"
This is interesting... But again we really must disambiguate whether "gender is a social construct" means a) all psych/behavioral traits linked to sex are constructs; or b) gender is just the name we're giving to the socially constructed part of all that
"that’s why I was so angry and assertive about what I thought I knew. It was to hide the fact that, at a very basic level, I didn’t have proof"
“Was it really always about power? ...The proof that I used... was to cite other scholars… And others cited me. And that’s how you 'prove' that gender is a social construct and all about power. Or, in fact, anything at all.”
“There’s nothing so certain as a graduate student armed with precious little life experience and a big idea.” 'I Basically Just Made It Up': Confessions of a Social Constructionist - Quillette
It's time to end the activism-as-scholarship scam. This generational gaslighting of our faculties of reason played a huge role in ushering in our post-truth society.
Someone who was in on the con early on, and now regrets it, explains how the deed was done. We "just made it up."
Were arguments about the #socialconstruction of #gender largely made up? One historical confesses
Apostates make the best critics.
. : "There’s nothing so certain as a graduate student armed with precious little life experience and a big idea".
"Critics of the social constructionists are right to raise their eyebrows at the so-called proof presented by alleged experts. My own flawed reasoning was never called out—and... only became more ideologically inflected through the process of peer review."