Hi, . Let me break it down in simple terms for you... Reducing emissions: -Protects our air & health -Is good for the economy -Allows families to pay less at the pump We’re here in the 21st century. Let us know when you decide to join us.
Breaking News: The Trump administration will end California’s authority to set its own stricter auto pollution rules, setting up a legal showdown
I am old enough to remember when one thing that made someone qualify as a conservative was an embrace of states rights. Highlights reality that today’s Republican Party under the influence of ⁦⁩ is no longer conservative.
In which the president comes out AGAINST states rights and FOR pollution #CaliforniaEmissions
Nobody actually cares about federalism dot com
Revoking California's waiver on auto emission standards would have national significance. Roughly a third of the national auto market follow the tighter standards. 
NEWS: Tomorrow, Trump plans to kill off California's special power to set its own car-pollution rules — setting up a major legal battle over climate regulations. By
The Trump administration is expected on Wednesday to revoke CA's authority to set tight vehicle pollution rules,in a move designed to strike a joint blow against both the liberal-leaning state  & the environmental legacy of President Barack Obama.
It will be “interesting” to read the rule tomorrow. Seems like two arguments mashed together. (1) there’s another way to interpret the CA waiver language (maybe?); (2) it’s reasonable to revoke California’s current waiver (nope).
This is huge. The standards we have now aren’t even good enough — and still allow too many gas guzzling SUVs and pick-up trucks. And Trump wants to make them much worse.
Yet another reason to oppose Donald Trump.
Who actually wants this? Automakers don't even want this. There's just a group of people running this show that have a barely intelligible understanding of policymaking and politics. CC:
Trump Will End California’s Authority to Set Stricter Auto Emissions Rules Trump loves pollution...he cares nothing about his grandchildren.
Trump administration to revoke California’s authority to set stricter auto emissions rules. 😒 #CALaws #AutoEmissions #EmissionLaws #GreenGases
being right-wing is one thing; actively opposing progress crosses over into the realm of reactionary
And Trump wants to bring those good old days back 2/
US administration set to revoke #California Clean Air Act waver: this will also impact 13 other states that follow CA’s lead, including #Colorado by #ENVS1000 issues unfolding in real time cc
Federal government overreach! Trump to Revoke California’s Authority to Set Stricter Auto Emissions Rules
PS Air pollution is a serious problem and a major health concern. We need stronger legislation to reduce car emissions and clean the air. Not this.
Trump goes nuclear on California car standards!
Is EPA overturn of California car reg waiver is legally defensible? Hard to believe it is with legislative intent and court precedents. *AND* automakers hate it. prediction: Will never happen. see
Trump Will End California’s Authority to Set Stricter Auto Emissions Rules
Can't wait to see how GOP leaders feel about executive authority and states' rights when or are #POTUS