A new ancient DNA study shows that modern-day Puerto Ricans can trace some ancestry to the island's Indigenous peoples. It supports their oral histories, and helps counter the common colonial narrative of complete extinction.
For a long time there have been Puerto Ricans who emphasize that the Taíno people were not completely extinct (as we were taught in schools) and now there's science to back it up.
Colonial records made it seem like Puerto Rico's pre-colonial people disappeared, but a new study shows that the island's past is not extinct—people living there today have a genetic connection to those ancestors, reports
"Thinking about who we are and where we came from: These are questions that run through the discourse of the island. They’re personal to me and to most Puerto Ricans." -
Panel #FIRST20th now discussing “How to Research Vulnerable Populations & Underrepresented Groups” using this piece by as a starting point.
aDNA studies have identified🧬links btw present-day islanders & ancient Indigenous ppl. These findings challenge the prevailing colonial narratives describing the complete extinction of 🇵🇷 & Caribbean native communities 15/ #DecolonizeDNA
I've long been impressed by the approach & work of , a rising leader in anthropology, ancient DNA, & human genomics. This article highlights this nicely: Also see the here:
A new study shows that Puerto Rico residents still carry bits of their pre-colonical DNA. #PuertoRico #AncientDNA #History
Ancient DNA helps undo the Colonial myth of Puerto Rico’s history
scientists who are using their research to bust colonial narratives...