i dunno to me this is the story of a remarkably talented young lawmaker who is playing the long game for her interests and career
The correct take on this is that over the next decade, the Democratic Party will increasingly reflect the ideas of politicians like and she will be well-positioned to exercise an incredible amount of power.
It was clear from the jump that AOC wanted to maintain a decent working relationship with House leaders, including Pelosi, who she endorsed. And how many Dems are getting more done in a divided Congress than the central figure behind the Green New Deal?
. tells she has gone through a “loss of innocence and naïveté" since arriving on the Hill. Welcome to Washington.
This fine piece by captures AOC's pragmatic shift, recognizing that few want to stand close to, or partner with, a flamethrower. But is this the version of AOC that her supporters want?
Ariel Eckblad was AOC's legislative director before she took over the CoS job, why is that not mentioned in this piece? To frame it as a bigger shake-up in her office?
NEW: The Washington Education of . No longer a full-time firebrand, she's adopted some DC unwritten rules. “I think I have more of a context of what it takes to do this job and survive on a day-to-day basis . . . ” she told .
The Establishment comes for us all.