100,000 stock “photos” of non-existent people hallucinated by an AI, copyright-free with attribution.
If you use faces in your research, here's a database for you. Now we just need someone to start a database of metadata ratings (attractiveness, expression, etc) of the faces to maximize usability of a shared resource.
is an amazing database of free to use and absolutely terrifying faces. Here follows a thread of my favourite of these nightmare inducing terrors.
Here are some sites to play around with: 1) 2) 3) See also the stories on virtual influencers:
100,000 faces of people that don't exist. Cool science and all but this is going to create all forms of chaos when tackling disinformation campaigns.
Companies like and are selling clients "THE MOST DIVERSE STOCK PHOTOS. EVER." No human beings (or actual diversity) required!
ItThe 100K GAN generated faces that you can download for free from are a generous initiative, but don't beat actual face databases for now. In almost any image in the database I see artefacts. Much post-processing needed if used for psych research. 1/6
"100,000 FACES GENERATED BY AI FREE FOR ANY USE" The future gets closer every day...
MIE: 100,000 free faces.
Dieser neue Furz, auf Webseiten ein Scrollen nicht mehr als Scrollen zu interpretieren, sondern als Zoomen, Zeugs animieren usw. 🤦‍♀️, gibts für den schon einen Marketingschwurbel-Fachbegriff? Beispiel: . Auch ein wenig hier:
Guaranteed to be the creepiest thing you look at all day... 100,000 faces generated by AI.