Two journalists do the same thing at the same time. One is showered with abuse. One isn’t. Whatever could explain the difference?
I felt the same ⁦⁩ ‘And to be honest, if this had been about another journalist, say Robert Peston or John Pienaar, I’d have ignored it.’ But it rarely is about them because they are men.
Laura Kuenssberg did her job. Leave her alone, says
The Twitterstorm directed at Laura Kuenssberg matters. A society where some people – some women – are afraid to speak freely is not really free, says
It’s depressing that this still needs to be said: Laura Kuenssberg did her job. Leave her alone
"The online abuse of women in the public eye, women like Laura Kuenssberg, is different, and not just in volume: as I’ve written before, the way the mob targets her is grimly revealing." V good response to the ludicrous pile-on
Well said . The only thing James doesn't include: Paul Brand of ITV tweeted almost the exact same thing - including directing attention to Omar Salem's Twitter account in just the same way. But he's not getting the abuse. I wonder why... 🤔