For­eign al­lies aren’t really “skep­ti­cal of U.S. in­tel­li­gence” that proves #Iran conducted the attack on #SaudiArabia. They know full well it’s true. They just don’t want to admit it because it would mean having to do something about it.
Breaking: The White House is pushing to build a coalition at the U.N. to exert pressure on Iran as its chief response to the Saudi oil facility attack
As a presidential candidate, Trump complained about the “utter weakness and incompetence of the UN” and said it was not a “friend” of the U.S. Now, as the U.S. seeks a coordinated UN response to Iran, he says: “I’ve always felt the UN is very important.”
No kidding: “In an­other sign that the ad­min­is­tra­tion is far from a war foot­ing, Mr. Trump made the com­ments while in Cal­i­for­nia, where he flew ear­lier this week for a mul­ti­day, pre­vi­ously planned cam­paign fundrais­ing trip.”