, which automates payments for SMBs, prices its IPO at an above-range $22 per share to raise around $216M at a valuation of around $1.6B ( / TechCrunch)
The team descended upon Wall Street today to celebrate our listing on the ! We're excited to begin a new chapter as a public company. #BillcomIPO #NYSE
What a great day with Mayor opening the office in Houston! Really enjoyed connecting with him and sharing our discussion on values. And was pleasantly surprised to hear today was proclaimed day! Thank you Mayor for such a warm welcome.
Filing: , which makes payments software, aims to raise $100M in its IPO, says Q3 revenue was ~$35.2M, up 57% YoY, and losses were ~$5.7M, up 544% YoY ( / Crunchbase News)
1/ was one of the most successful IPOs of 2019. Most people don't know about its staged, strategic choices to fuel network-driven growth. A few lessons for others (and so much opportunity too!) 👇🏽
Payment software provider files for a $100 million IPO $BILL $IPO #IPO
With the $BILL IPO last week, public market value for #SMBTech continues to rise💥. Metrics vary given differences in business models / disclosures, but here's a look at at IPO vs. and then and now:
quarter. Growth isn't as high as other cloud co's with similar multiples -$42M rev (+33% YoY) vs $38M consensus (10% beat) - 28% customer growth, 26% TPV growth -$39M subscription rev (+54%) -17 months GM adj. CAC payback -76% GM -(17%) FCF Margin $BILL
Figma for Video Editing, for SE Asia, Airtable for Scientists. What's next? #ycdemoday #ycombinator
Incredible Business-of-Commerce speakers at 2020 (Mar 10-12): 🛒CTO Shopify 🛒COO Squarespace 🛒GM Shopify Plus 🛒CTO Stitch Fix 🛒CEO Algolia 🛒CEO Brex 🛒CEO 🛒CIO Adobe 🛒SVP 🛒CPO Looker + much more!
Venture capitalists fund payments startups, looking for the next or Square
IPOs are rare in fintech, but (small business payments company) went public today, and its stock is up 60%, valuing it at roughly $2.5 billion:
New!! "Half of 's customers now come from word-of-mouth" 5 Interesting Learnings From ’s IPO
New!! "Half of 's customers now come from word-of-mouth" 5 Interesting Learnings From ’s IPO
($BILL) has exploded out of the gate, shares up 65% from $22 to $36+ im talking to its CEO later today, drop a q below if you want me to ask something in particular
SMBTech is on 🔥. Wrote this post 14 months ago. Since then: Shopify $SHOP $17B -> $68B Ringcentral $RNG $7B -> $19B Wix $WIX $5B -> $7.5B Zendesk $ZEN $7B -> $9.8B $BILL $1.6B -> $4.3B
Record demand for SaaS IPOs + follow ons (see secondary); consumer still TBD; will see a flock of SaaS IPOs July+
caught up with after the IPO to chat about their pricing, the debut, and why it didn't direct list
increases IPO price range -- would be worth $1.4 billion if it prices in middle of revised.
Dec'19 IPO up 20+% today on what seems like no news -- oversold and bouncing back?
2015: Shopify does software AND payments? I dunno know about that, is it really software? 2020: does software AND payments? WICKED AWESOME
IPO: * 110% net rev retention from SMBs * 14 years to IPO, accelerated in Year 10 * 81,000 customers * 40% rev from payments and interest * 50% customers from word-of-mouth
Zero mention of EBITDA in this S-1 as is an Adult Company
, what do they do? Also, who's buried in Grant's Tomb?
last week's IPO are pretty tame today (OneConnect, EHang, , Sprout Social)
Anyone know of a good alternative?
25iQ: This article talks about 's business being unprofitable: "The offering makes it plain that not all loss-making companies are equal." Is profit or free cash flow more important in this case?
Some important thoughts on supporting small businesses during these challenging times from Rene Lacerte, CEO of ##istandforsmallbusiness
However, there are big wins as well: ($BILL) priced at $22 and is worth $53.54 today, even after some repricing in the downturn. (Am looking into recent IPOs rn)
has a comical $157M in cash tho, lmao, why not just direct list FCF in most recent quarter worse than YoY, but not a lot company has holding more cash than you’d expect given its moderate cash burn maybe no places left to invest?
’s operating and net losses are rising YoY, too, with nearly every op expense category up ~100% (with some variation)
+ recent SaaS IPO + 28%
Ehang and have yet to trade, excited to see where they open
Perhaps just won't price its IPO, and this will have all been for naught.