Hey! I have a new piece up in . It's about the temptation to call everything a bubble, and why we do it, and why we shouldn't
This quote from about perma bears and bubble-callers got cut from my piece due to space, but it's absolutely savage. So i figured I'd tweet the whole thing
Great piece on bubbles by "We are all products of when we ‘grew up’ in the market. For example, folks who grew up in the ’70s are always looking for inflation. Those who grew up in the ’80s are always on alert for a crash.”
"Those who learn their history are doomed to think it’s repeating." Great post from on why people love calling everything a bubble
There we go. ruthlessly drives the point home
WhartonHill’s Weekend Reads - looks at why we like to call every trend a bubble
Got some great insights in here from , and on the incessant need people feel to declare we're in this or that bubble.
. says there's a bubble bubble.
"Calling bubbles is a popular sport, even if winning is tougher than it looks.” -