I wrote about Jeffrey Epstein and evolutionary psychology for the Outline
"That the evolutionary psychologists might themselves be influenced by political values, like patriarchy or neoliberalism, is never considered."
if i had the power to single-handedly abolish 3 academic disciplines i’d pick evo psych 3 times just to be sure
A useful article to keep in mind...should you ever need an example of how lame guilt by association can be used to slime an entire scientific discipline. Epstein is now the go-to all-purpose weapon to destroy people one doesn't like anyway.
Wow, I can't say enough good things about this piece from on Jeffrey Epstein and the evolutionary psychologists who accepted his money and shared his viewpoint on biology
"[I]t is still possible to hold [Epstein's] enablers and scientific sycophants to account. It is necessary [...] that individuals like Trivers and Nowak and institutions like Harvard and MIT return the millions they received from Epstein."
Why Jeffrey Epstein loved evolutionary psychology— “Male adultery, gendered differences in achievement, and sexual violence were among the phenomena described as the product of genes shaped by our evolutionary origins.”
Always reminded of this article while tracing the damage him and his ilk do. Literal mess of eugenics, scientific racism and pedophilia justified by “science”
evolutionary psychology is the field most likely to be described as a dumpster fire, sorry but it's true
This piece by grad student Alexandra Walling is 🔥🔥🔥. "Why Epstein loved evolutionary psychology"
Why Jeffrey Epstein loved evolutionary psychology via
Why Jeffrey Epstein loved evolutionary psychology | The Outline