The American Working Man still isn't working. 8.5 million men aged 25 to 54 are either unable to find a job or no longer looking for one. Why can be done? says reform: -criminal justice -occupational licenses -infrastructure -job training
10+ years of growth, longest streak of job growth ever and 50-year low for unemployment rate. But, the fraction of employed men age of 25-54 (so-called prime age men") has still not recovered to it's pre-crisis rate. I write about this in
Why is the United States seeing a drop in the employment rate of men aged 25-54? has the answer
The employment rate for age 25-54 has surpassed its pre-recession value. The large increase in prime age female employment rates (72.4% to 73.9%) has more than offset the slide for men (87.1% to 86.3%). I write about the male part of the story here.
_ Billionaires and corporations got a big tax cut, but The American Working Man Still Isn’t Working via