If all countries in the world had the same concentration of researchers as wealthy ones, there would be 3x as many researchers. That’s mind-blowing. We all lose out when talent isn’t connected with opportunity.
Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. We are all losing out because of this. - Our World in Data
Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. And we are all losing out because of this. My new article
One more time: Talent is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. (via )
"The world’s most limited resource is not oil, iron, or coal, but the potential of the human mind...The demand for new ideas from which we would all benefit is enormous, but because opportunities are limited, the supply of new ideas is limited."
"What is tragic is when children have the ability, but were denied the circumstances that would have helped them to fulfill their potential." Income inequality & diversity of role models are the keys to unlocking trapped human potential. A superb read
Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not
A very good article here. The reason that we don't have innovation is that we don't have the funds available from those of capital (whether government or private). We have a crisis of leadership, not of innovation.
"To study ability they matched a subset of their data on inventors with records of their math scores back when they were third grader” A fascinating read 👉🏽 via
The world needs ideas and innovation to make progress against the many problems we face. Creative and talented people that can contribute to this important work are everywhere, but many do not have the opportunity to contribute
Improving living conditions is a moral duty, but beyond that it is the way to increase the supply of much needed creativity and innovation. This means that there is a selfish reason for all us to do what we can to support global #researchfordevelopment.
Lovely essay ( thanks ) about how many brilliant minds there are and fact many will never receive the education, the resources, or the opportunities they need to shine. Just beautiful, thank you
Americans who are poorer than 90% of other Americans are richer than more than 70% of the world population.
Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. We are all losing out because of this. Our latest post:
Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. What could the world’s poorest children grow up to be if they had the circumstances of Steve Jobs or Taylor Swift?
Entrepreneurs, innovation and ideas are everywhere, access is not. "What would have been the chances for Steve Jobs if he was born in the Central African Republic?"
Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. We are all losing out because of this.
Great read from “what would our world look like if all talented children had a good chance to become innovators & artists instead of growing up hungry, in poor health, & with poor education?” #GlobalGoals #LeaveNoOneBehind