"Would her ... idiosyncratic view of the vast deference Catholics owe the pope on political issues...lead to the ongoing influx of immigrants who overwhelmingly vote for pro-choice candidates?"
If y'all want to see the complete nut-kookery happening on the nationalist right, try reading this attack on Judge Barrett, which is based in large part on the theory that she'll be too nice to immigrants because she's catholic. You have lost the plot.
"Virtually every effort by the Trump administration to enforce U.S. law regulating immigration has been denounced by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops."
"There will be no easy appointments; Trump should make it count."
Excellent if true. What have years of false “safety” brought us, but Roe, Casey and their kind? Amy Coney Barrett Is Not a Safe Pick for the Supreme Court. | Human Events
"Instead, [Pope] Francis routinely denounces every effort to enforce any democratically enacted immigration law. "
"[Pope] Francis defies the Church’s own Catechism, which clearly states that the common good of receiving countries must be weighed against the desires of newcomers to better their lives.."
Why believe that leftists are incapable of crafting an obscene smear of either sex?
Brilliant Catholic John Zmirak writes: "Barrett’s apparent unwillingness to separate her faith from her legal judgment should worry conservatives..."
"It is the duty of a judge to implement the U.S. Constitution, not the ... political preferences of a pope..."
"no Catholic who agrees with [Amy Coney Barrett] should be appointed to any court, or confirmed by the Senate if appointed." (Scalia didn't! Alito doesn't!)